Welcome To Gabriel International College of Community Developments (GABIC)

Gabriel International College of Community developments (GABIC), a college of Caring Outreach Int??l Charity, operating since 1976 with great community developments and community safety projects locally. Nationally and Internationally of amount of achievement in terms of training for employability and developments that has a successful track record ,having impacted people??s lives positively by transforming their lives and the community for over 35 years of excellence.

GABIC is one of the best specialist colleges in the UK and overseas in the fields of academic learning and community development, and has been consistently commended by many community leaders. Our past students around the world proudly recall their experiences at GABIC, and say they would never forget how the college transformed their lives, built their confidence, and took them to the higher, more positive levels of achievement which they had thought was beyond their reach


GABIC is not just a college. It is also a charitable institution of learning and character building, and has proved itself in both fields over the past 35 years.

We have good links with industry, universities and local organizations. This enables our students to benefit from internships and apprenticeships which are essential for specialised training in their fields of specialization. We also give our students practical field work experience, and other colleges have drawn on our facilities and experiences to give similar opportunities to their own students at Caring Outreach International Charity. www.caringoutreachcharity.org

Please let us know if you would like us to arrange a very confidential meeting with you to discuss the support option we can really offer you, to ensure that you can fully access your course. We can provide a range of support for learners with disabilities, learning difficulties and medical conditions, for example Learner with dyslexia, visual and hearing impairments, mobility difficulties, mental health difficulties, epilepsy and other medical problems.

If you are a refugee, claiming asylum, lacking access to any benefit, and lacking a work permit for working in the UK, GABIC can help you with your education as part of our Charity project. After you have acquired necessary skills for gainful employment, we can help you get established in your country of origin if that is your wish, and continue to support you until you can stand on your own feet. A lot of opportunity is waiting for you overseas if you study here. ''GABIC'' visit www. Caringoutreachcharity.org.

'GABIC', Gabriel International College Of Community Developments, is a college where you can start from scratch and, with support from our Skills for Life Academy, progress to degree level, there is something education. At GABIC, we always have you in mind as a potential beneficiary of our development programmes.

Now that you have discovered the opportunities available at GABIC, you owe it to your friends and relatives to share your discovery with them. Encourage them to enrol at GABIC today for a better tomorrow. Welcome to GABIC COLLEGE: Gabriel International College Of Community Developments, .London Barking, where we belief in quality and excellence shows in our action and in the lives of our students. One of the greatest achievements you can acquire in the United Kingdom is EDUCATION, and this is what we offer you at GABIC.